Leon Clapper

Heating Services

No Heat?

Dress warmly or use a space heater in the meantime, we will get you warm again ASAP.

Heat Repair

Low antifreeze? Leak in the heating system? Thermostat issues? Don’t worry, we will find a fix.

Gas Systems

Having an issue with your gas line, tank, or regulator? Give us a call and we will assist.

Signs of Heating Issues

Common heating issue warning signs may include your furnace not producing enough heat, drastic temperature changes, furnace system cracks, cold water, ignition problems, a bugged thermostat, and more. Give us a ring, we will get it sorted out. 

Heating Solutions

If you notice any issues with your heating system, it is time to give Leon Clapper and our professionals a call.

Furnace Repair
Heat Production Maintenance
Clogged Furnace Filter Replacement
Furnace Pilot Light / Ignition 
Thermostat Repair

Gas Lines & Regulators
Gas Tanks
Antifreeze Replacement
Boiler Repair
Hot Water Issue Maintenance