Leon Clapper

Plumbing Services

No Water?

Wake up this morning or come home from work to NO WATER, give us a call and we will assist.

Water Line Repair

Water’s an essential ingredient to life. We are here to solve any issues so you do not have to deal with it.

Plumbing Repair

There are a lot of old houses around the Pocono’s and many of them have plumbing that¬†unfortunately¬†breaks.

Leaking Pipes?

Nobody wants a leaky pipe causing more damage to their property, we have a patch for you!

Signs of Plumbing Issues

There are many different signs that your property may need plumbing services. Some may include banging or knocking sounds from pipes, continuous dripping from the faucet or shower head, water not draining properly, no hot water, or even poor water pressure, but do not worry, we are just a phone call away!

Plumbing Solutions

If you are experiencing any plumbing issues with your property, let Leon Clapper and our team of dedicated professionals solve the problem for you.

Toilet Repair & Replacement
Leaky Pipe Repair
Piping Replacement
Sink / Faucet Replacement
Sink / Faucet Repair
Plumbing Winterizing

Shower / Bath Maintenance
Water Supply Replacement
Water Line Repair
Draining Issue Maintenance
Water Pressure Maintenance
Water Heater Maintenance